Need help with RADIUS on BAM2

I am trying to install RADIUS on BAM2 without success at all. I have downloaded and installed freeradius in the same machine where BAM2 is also installed. The documentation that came with the BAM product has very liimited information.

The documentation says in the /etc/canopy/canopyapi.xml to set the canopyUserPassword fileld to something that every SM enters for authentication. But where in the SM is the field to enter that password? Or have I not understood correctly? One other thing if I set the the radius field in the same file to “false” ( I have also installed postgresql in this machine), then issuing this command

/usr/local/Canopy/FLEXnet/lmutil lmstat -a

shows licenses being used. But if I enter “true” (to use RADIUS) and restart the engined process the same command shows that 0 licenses are being used. So if the AP is not able to register with the BAM server then there is no question of SMs being connected. Issuing this command

[root@bam subsys]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/engined status
engined dead but subsys locked
[root@bam subsys]#

So I rm the /var/lock/subsys/engined file and start engined, but withiin 10 seconds the same status happens.

What is happening?

Thank you for help.


Make sure that the tag “portAlias” in the canopyapi.xml file has a value of “radius” (minus the quotation’s) and nothing else. We have seen that some people enter the radius port number in there but it should only be the word radius.

According to support the password field is the fullaccess password on the SM’s.

This ofcourse needs to match in the /etc/raddb/users file also

I had the saem issue with the subsys error and the radius value in the canopyapi.xml did fix that issue.