Need Help with SNMP/MIBS setup - Will pay for expert help!

Does anyone have a lot of experience and luck with setting up SNMP monitoring of various forms of Canopy equipment? I am trying to setup a network with traffic monitoring including some Ptp400, PTP600 units, licensed backhauls etc.

My experience with SNMP and MIBS is minimal. Please let me know if you can help. If this takes some time I am willing to pay for your time.

If you are prepared to pay, I would highly recommend you look into purchasing PRTG.

Very user-friendly and sets up quickly. You can download the trial and you’ll see what I mean.

It will monitor anything that can be monitored via SNMP. It will automatically see the traffic sensors. Other sensors like dBm, jitter, etc are added as custom sensors.

Once you have a profile for an SM, then all you need to do is clone the existing device and change the name/ip and it’s done.

Good answer. tha’ts what we are using. In fact there is a free upgrade for many people to their network monitor from PRTG which we have already done. But many devices like the ptp600 Orthogon/Moto backhauls don’t seem to work with it’s auto configuration so I BELIEVE this means custom configs with MIB which I can’t seem to get working.

PRTG/Network Monitor works great with access points. I can’t get it to work with CMM ports either or any Trango Backhauls.

http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsuppor ... index.html

This will provide you with all of the SNMP strings.

Thanks Jerry. I have been to that site and still can’t get it to work correctly.

justfortimd wrote:
I have been to that site and still can't get it to work correctly.

What is the issue exactly?
I use PRTG 7 also and can query my PTP300.
The only thing I had to do is to add ".0" to the OID shown on Moto website.

e.g. to monitor "receivePower" on my PTP-300:
Receive power expressed in tenths of a dBm

I enabled SNMP on the device and configured a community (e.g. "MotoPtp").

I configured PRTG this way:

On the device settings:

IP: my PTP300 management IP
Snmp Version: v2c
Community String: MotoPtp

On the sensor settings:

Snmp custom
OID Value:
Unit string: db
Division: 10
Value Type: Gauge (signed integer)

Please note that I had to add a zero to the documented OID.

That's all!
Let me know if it works!


i get a generic error to check firewall etc etc. i’m not sure what 90% of this means, what it’s asking for or even if this is english to be quite honest.

receiveDataRate Object ID:
Average data rate over the last one second interval

this is the one i am trying to start with. it asks me the following questions which i have no idea how to answer as they are vague, etc. I have setup a custom sensor of using MIB before.

sensor name = receive data rate
tag = snmp custom sensor
priority = ***
OID value =
unit string = (kbps)
value type = can’t be changed but it says (Guage) unsigned Integer etc etc (might as well be french)
primary channel = average data over the last 1 second (kbps)

send me an email address and i can send you screen captures of both the radio and the PRTG Network Monitor

I tried using their SNMP test tool from PRTG and it says it gets no resonse.

in my PTP600 radio I have

SNMP = enabled
Traps = all 5 are checked
SNMP set to version 2c
SNMP trap address set to the ip address of the computer with PRTG
snmp trap port number = 162
snmp community string set = snmptest (lower case, same as the prtg software)
snmp port number =161

unit has been rebooted, snmp queries are all ignored/not work/etc

Anyone have any idea on this? Should something be in caps, a comma missing, i didn’t curse at it enough ??

Ok now i have it picking up some of the OID/info/snmp on 2 sets of backhauls (ptp400 and ptp600 on 5.8) but not the ptp600 on 5.4 which has the exact same snmp settings in every way. On one set of ptp600 on 5.8 it even shows the actual data going through the radio not the wireless link speed etc. when i clone that one to work on anohter ptp600 set with the same settings it won’t work.

is that ptp600 on the backside of a router from you? or is it bridged? if routed then might check firewall settings that allow passage of port 161 and 162 for snmp and snmp traps.

No firewalls or anything blocking port 161. On the others it was firmware and a lack of sufficient cursing. I only have one set that will not respond to any snmp at this time. Still working on that one set. The testing tool at PRTG home page under tools is a big help and speeds up the whole process.

this is on old topic…

however you might as well use The Dude from MikroTik.

you can check on all the SNMP parameters for the PTP radio.

use SNMPWalk feature;

almost everything works with PRTG 6.x on PTP600.

but for PTP300 5.4GHz v4-0. i was not able to use those defined OID’s issued by motorola.