Need hw scheduler 7.2 upgrade tool - anybody have it??

I have placed numerous calls to technical support and it was finally determined that I need the hardware scheuler 7.2 upgrade tool. It evidently was an add on tool to CNUT 1.1 and I started fresh with CNUT 2.0 so I won’t have this. When I asked if I can get this from technical support they told me no, they don’t have it available anymore. I am awaiting engineers to find a resolution and then technical support will call me back. I’m in kind of a hurry because we are having random dropoffs from the network with good signals etc. that didn’t seem to happen until after I upgraded everything to 7.3.6 in preparation for hw upgrade. I hope switching everything to hardware scheduler will resolve some of this. All the SMs that will not update are P8 versions. Tech support was able to duplicate the errors I receive. Thanks for any help anybody might have.

Eric Boyle
Kansas Broadband Inc.

I ran into this problem last week too. Then someone pointed out that they actually have the 7.2 upgrade for CNUT 2.0 available here:


Thanks. I grabbed it from there. When I called the first time the technician at Motorola told me it was ok to upgrade from 7.14 straight to 7.36 because I couldn’t find 7.2 and that’s what I did. All the technicians there told me that was ok. But, should I have updated to 7.2 software revision first then went to the 7.3.6? I believe that’s what the documentation said to do on older P7 & P8 versions. Thanks

check out this thread

the recommended upgrade path is usually recommended due to the way the firmware is packaged…

If you the upgrade was successful then you are ok, if there was an issue it would have failed.