Need to change the country code

I have  an AP that has the wrong country code  programmed into it. It probably happened when someone initially configured it but now that it is deployed I need to change the country code to US. How do I do that?


When you say AP, I'm going to assume you are talking about a 5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync. There are 3 SKUs for this radio version. So the answer to your question depends on the SKU that you have. The 3 SKUs or model numbers are:

Model Number



ePMP 1000: 5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync (ROW)


ePMP 1000: 5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync (EU)


ePMP 1000: 5 GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync (FCC)

For C050900A011A, you should be able to set any country you want from Configuration->Radio->Country. 

For C050900A013A, you will need to apply a Country Code license key. You can obtain a free license from

For C058900A112A, you cannot change the Country Code. It is locked to US. 

Hope this helps. 



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Hi Sriram,

 Actully i am trying to change country code ePMP-180 INTEGRATED radio. Now country code is CANADA how can i do change country code OTHER. 

Hi Kpenland,

 As per your discription you can downgrade device software version then you can able to change the country code as per your requirment.


i downgrade my AP but the country still did not change

IF you have the C050900A011A then factory reset the radio, you will then be able to change the country.
If you have the EU version then you must apply the correct license (which is free).
If you have an FCC version, you are hooped since they are locked to USA.

Check the model number on the radio lable for either 011A or 012A for the last four characters.

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