Need to know About cnPilot E400

I need to know about cnPilot E400,
How many client can handel each single ap.? According to data sheet 256+, is it true/ is it possible

Yes, that is true. However, I did not get an oppurtunity to test with that much clients.

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We support the max specified clients and we do perform internal scalability testing. However, depending on the application and the kind of traffic this number may be much larger than what is recommended for practical deployments in order to ensure adequate performance. With a large number of clients, control traffic and periodic broadcast data from each client's network stack will use up much of the airtime.


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I need an enterprise solution for one club

Each club building has 6 floor, & every floor siting plane is totally different.
Every floor 4000sq feet

Please see the attached file for more.
Can anyone please suggest me that how many E400 AP I need to use for different siting plan.

Full black line is solid barriers...

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I'd start out with one per floor and see how your coverage is, and then supplement if necessary. If you just use one per floor, make sure that it's centrally located and up high, perhaps on the ceiling. They kind of look like smoke detectors and have a small foot print so no one should notice them. Depending on wall composition and other obstructions, there's a decent likelyhood that you may have to place a second E400 on certain floors after your initial testing.

What are your requirements or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Throughput per device? Outbound and inbound?

Device types? (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Types of applications? (Web browsing, email, streaming, voice, etc.)

Traffic direction?

Traffic prioritization? (Is some traffic more important than others?)

Environmental considerations? (Any microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices in the area? Any other 5GHz devices in the area?)

Where are your closets? Wall or ceiling mount?

Have you used planning software by AirMagnet or Ekahau?

Once you've answered most of these questions, you're ready to use a tool to help you determine the best number of access points!