Nested Option 82


We use a handful of PMP450 SMs as backhauls for micro-pops where adding additional load to a tower is not feasible.  We also use Option 82 on the APs so that we can capture the SM mac address associated with a DHCP lease in our syslog entries in the event we need to tie an IP address to a customer down the road.  Unfortunately at this time having nested option 82 like this reduces the DHCP reliability and we will end up with customers who are unable to obtain a lease.  To get away from this issue when we have a situation like this we only enable Option 82 on one AP in the chain thus loosing the benefits for a portion of our subscriber base.  In the future, can we have a resolution to this so that when an AP sees that a DHCP request has already been tagged with the circuit information that it does not alter that and instead passes it through as is?

Thank you.

Yeah, many mid and higher end switches allow this. If option 82 info already exists in the DHCP packet, the switch's DHCP relay can be configured to pass it through as-is.

The work-around on the PMP platforms is to enable DHCP full relay as opposed to 'option 82 insertion' only.

I see this is still under consideration. Are you all willing to reveal any internal discussions you've had about this change?



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