NetEqualizer - looks very intriguing-Bandwidth Management

We are looking at an affordable but effective BW manager. BAM I don’t think is going to cover all the bases for our total network, as we have other services, servers, and some buildings with a single SM and 10 business customers.

I stumbled upon Netequalizer and it looks like it could be the ticket with the right balance of control and intelligence without spending $ 10K+.

I didnt know if anyone has had experience with it.

Paul, PDMNet

The best tool out there is Packeteers packetshaper, I don’t how that fairs in pricing with NetEqualizer but i’m sure it will be superior.

We are in the process of ordering this unit… spent quite a bit of time talking with Art @ Netequalizer and was quite impressed. He also was comfortable with allowing me access to one of their big customers so that I could find out what they thought of it and the company. Nothing but praise upon contact.
Hope this helps

Cool ! We decide to give a try as well sometime in the next couple weeks.

yes, i feel this product is awesome too. under GPL and nonstop improvement (I think)…

The most important thing about neteq for me, it can give hard limit/softlimit AND WARN1,2 and finally Penalized until the rest of the month.

Anyone test yet?