Netonix / Good third party switches until cnMatrix WISP switch is arriving

Netonix is offering good switching solutions for powering devices with 802.3af/at standard and passive poe like ePMP Force models or 450 subscriber units with the same switch.

I bought a couple of these a few years ago (have a 24 port one that still has about 11 ports working and powering some cameras at one of our sites).

Opened the box and was greeted by a sheet of paper with a  big red "Warning " on it telling you that you must power the entire switch off before plugging or unplugging any POE device to/from any of the ports...I ignored it since not ignoring it made the switch useless to me.  Kind of a deal breaker for me that we would have to shut down an entire site just to swap/replace a single radio or even just plug/unplug something from one of the POE ports.

They also seem terribly fragile. Had one of them on my bench to power / test radios and whatnot. Plugged a radio into it one day that I'm guessing had a dead short in it... killed the ports on the switch.   Plugged same radio into an old ubiquiti tuff switch I had been using before I got the Netonix and it didn't hurt anything, the radio wouldn't power up but I didn't lose a port on the tuff the switch.  

If the cnMatrix is as expensive as the Netonix I sure hope they are at least a little more durable.

BTW is this a paid add ?  Seems such an odd thing to post just out of the blue.

Interesting, and of course every solution has its pro and cons. Some of my partners using them on a regular basis and are happier compared to the UBNT switch.
Btw it¬īs of course not a paid add :-).

We don't use the UBNT switches either, I just have a couple of old half dead toughswitches I use on my bench (along with several other brands). I don't have a horse in the POE switch game, I was just surprised to see Cambium officially recommending Netonix.  

We use alot of Netonix.  I currently have 32 of them deployed.  They work really well for our needs.  It's a revolving door though.  My only complaint, and it's a big one, is they are not rugged at all.  We lose ALOT of them.  Mostly due to electrical storms which I suppose one could say is not the fault of Netonix, but when everything else survives you have to wonder.


We have a few Netonix WISP switches around the network. It sometimes seems like batches vary; we've had a couple that are rock solid with multi-year uptimes and great performance. Others started seeing ports die quite quickly (I'm not going to blame them for the one that exploded when lightning had a direct hit on the site; just about everything was blown), and getting RMAs proved problematic enough that we gave up.

Before that, we tried a ToughSwitch from UBNT - but it was awful. We inherited one of the new EdgePoint systems from another WISP, and it's been decent so far. Nothing amazing, just decent. Ports still work, but we haven't really tried stressing it yet.