Network Monitoring Tools

I have (ePmP180+190+200+300) & 500+ point to point connectivity. I want to use cloud base monitoring and also monitoring from mobile. Have any monitoring tools? If have is it free or paid?

Hi @Uchamong_Marma,

you should try our CnMaestro first!

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Thanks lot @ [Andrii]. I will check…

Hi - you should definitely download CnMaestro, it’s super useful for doing things like firmware updates.
But,… the free version only keeps 7 days worth of data, so it’s not really useful for any kind of monitoring that a WISP needs. And, even though the paid version stores data for longer, but it also still misses the mark. Despite everyone repeatedly telling Cambium what we needed for monitoring time periods, they didn’t listen or didn’t understand.

So - yes CnMaestro is an essential tool in your ePMP toolkit… and it’s awesome for many things. But for for Monitoring (graphing historical data) the free and the paid version both don’t do what is needed. So, you’ll probably want to use CACTI, PRTG, MRTG… something like that, and they are free. You can then collect and graph and store the type of data, and the time periods, which work for your needs.


Thank you so much for details @ninedd.