Network Time Server


I’m trying to get NTP to work on an AP and BH. We just have one AP so there is no CMM. I have put the IP address of the NTP server in the NTP server field on the Time & Date page but when I press the ‘Get Time Through NTP’ button, the time doesn’t change. I have the Canopy equipment on a private address range and have configured NAT for that address range on the main router but it still doesn’t work :frowning: .

Does anyone have any ideas for me?


Is the NTP device on the same logical subnet as the AP and BH? If not, do you have the IP configurations of the AP and BH set properly so that there is a default gateway which is able to route to the subnet with the NTP server?

The NTP device is not on the same subnet as the AP and the BH. I’m just trying to use one of the public NTP servers out there. I have got the gateway address set up correctly and I think I have the router set up correctly as well - but if there is no other possible cause for it not working, maybe I don’t…

make sure you have general connectivity from the canopy subnet out the internet… you could telnet to a unit, user: root, password {whatever you set for write password} and try pinging the NTP server (or anything else, for that matter).

Andrew has a good idea. If you have connectivity throught he gateway then all should be good. Generally that’s where the problem will be.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ping utility accessible from the GUI?


Yes, that would be good. I’ll try telneting to it though, thanks all.

NTP uses UDP port(s) 123. Its weird, in that you have to accept both inbound and outbound packets to UDP port 123. This means that when you do NAT, you have to be sure that port 123 of the public address is forwarded to your canopy…

Thanks for that info. I’ve got it working now. The problem turned out to by a typo in my NAT configuration.


I’m not aware of the need for forwarding inbound UDP port 123 packets. My APs and BHs are reliably receiving time updates from an NTP server through NAT. Would you please explain the situation you’ve found where port forwarding is needed? Thanks.