New 10.5 firmware

10.5 firmware was released this week. It now has a feature to have the APs automatically adjust the output power level on the SMs so you can have a desired power level of the SM at the AP.

This is the feature I’ve been waiting for some time, thank you Motorola!

I’ll be testing this out on one of our smaller towers in hopes of no problems.

I am also testing it on 1 tower with 6 AP’s and about 30 Customers. If anything goes nuts I’ll let you all know!


Now I’m all nervous since Motorola announced the EOL of Prizm. Will this run fine in Prizm 3.3? I take it the setting is set on the APs themselves and Prizm wouldn’t much care for it (probably simply not poll that value), but still…

Testing no few towers, approx. 12 APs + 250 SMs. No problem at all, working well. ATPC is very nice feature, that´s saving time.

As of yestarday I am now running an entire network segment of approx 20 towers and 500 SM’s and am experiencing not problems. In fact I’ve seen some immediate improvements once the noise floor dropped to -64 on all the SM’s. I’m using Prizm to run the updates without issues. It can also turn on the SM TX Transmit control, however it gives an invalid value error when I try to set the db. So we are using Prizm to turn it on and leaving the default value of -64.

I’m seeing a handful of Radios that are not getting the reboot command after the update and drop off the network. A power cycle at the customer location resolves this. I’d say about 1 out of 50 are doing this. Could be Prizm I suppose but I’ve never had this issue before. By the time I started noticing this the last 2 have been P9 900 Radios. I’ll try to see if theres any trend to it.

about 2 weeks of testing on very small sector, so far so good.
going to try on 430 next week