New 410 - Evolution and ecology - also in the world of WiFi

Many of you are already using Cambium Networks devices. But I am sure not all of you are aware of evolution that is happening in Cambium.
Today I will introduce to you one of the most popular indoor devices, cnPilot e410. This model has started the transformation that will continue along with the implementation of the WiFi6 AX products which I look forward to talk about in the future.
The revolution of the cnPilot e410 is evident just by looking at the package to start with, it is made from the recycled materials. In fact it is slightly smaller but also capacious at this same time perhaps it is because the AP is built from less materials, which makes the whole product lighter and prettier.
It is obvious that Cambium Networks has taken an intelligent approach as a conscious producer that cares about technology as well as ecology all together.

The appearance of the device is also different (on the left - old, on the right - new), it is modern due to its shape, size and practicality.

The new version is a bit smaller than its predecessor and without the ventilation, which allows the device to work better.

The technical parameters have slightly improved as the new device has a better range (in the tested room).

Measured performance (wiperf from Samsung s20+) is 700 Mbps download and 250 Mpbs upload (average). A clear development is the faster processor, which will be shown after the update upload time.

The new cnPilot e410 will be available soon to purchase so you can enjoy its reliability and efficiency in your installations.


Thank You Pshemo for your valuable feedback.

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Like the new looks of the device.Kinda sucks because I just did a 10 AP deployment with the “old” version and would have preferred this new model in terms in looks and performance.Customer was reluctant to put in AX as a)they don’t have ax compatible devices b)not willing to do beta testing of early firmware for ax ap’s which is understandable.

I take it the brackets are not the same ?

Do find it curious that they would put development and r&d effort into a standard that is effectively EOL as 2022+ AX will probably be the goto standard even for entry level.

I wish they had kept the logo on the face

Dear concern,
Please clarify the bellow devices deference out-looking as: Cambium e410 updated and serial number: W5YA03Z6LWXW
confirm me counterfeit or not