New 450 SM's with ePMP Form factor

Good morning.

I was just wondering when these SM's are planned to be available. It was mentioned at a conference but I do not remember the time frame.

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We are targeting a June launch for this device.

It's called the 450b.  You'll see more about this in the coming months... stay tuned.

Going to make us wait are they. :(

Any chance of more than one freq band?  My last question wasn't directly answered in another thread about 3ghz pricing (but I'm expecting the 450i 3ghz cpe to be too high), but I'd *love* to see a wideband, affordable, 3ghz sm for a not stupid price for residential markets.

/crosses fingers

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Great question.  What we're working to release right now is only for 5 GHz.  It will cover 4900-5925 MHz.

I would love to follow this project with a similar one in 3 GHz, but we haven't yet committed resources to doing this. The best thing I can say is keep asking.  The more demand we get, the higher on the priority list I can justify, and the more likely it will be to green light the project with the limited resource pool we have.

Yeah, I think a 16dBi 3GHz SM could be useful.

Look for the 450b to start shipping in September! 

Find the Spec Sheet here.