New 450m rebooting once traffic is created

Our company just received our first Cambium 450m and some 450b's. We only purchased the one 450m so we could run it through our tests before committing to buying more. We had the chance to turn this unit on yesterday and had no trouble registering a subscriber. What we did find though once we did a link test or dialed out our PPOE we lost connection and the unit seems to reboot ( or something); since we lose connection to it on our network. When we tested this unit on the ground we did not have this problem, and ran some speed test through it.

Has anyone had this problem? We are using the newest firmware 16.2 and a cambium sync box.

( the attachments include our new tower sections added in order to accommodate our new equipment ) 

Is this a 5 GHz 450m? I assume it is if you are powering it through the PoE main port.

Typically, when a unit "reboots" or has some kind of event when traffic starts, it's related to the power being delivered to the unit. The 450m requires up to 80W of power. If not using one of the Cambium recommended power supplies, you need to ensure that your power source is providing adequate power. After verifying that, please ask more questions here. Hopefully, we can help.

The unit we have is the 450m 3hz. We are powering the unit directly into our fused 48v power plant. We are not using POE in this case, since it is being powered using the PIDU port 

Thanks for the explanation. The 3 GHz 450m requires 140W of power, and direct DC connection, which you are saying is in place. Assuming adequate current is available, how long is the cable run from the power supply to the radio?

Our cable run would be no longer then 170'

Let me preface this by saying that I am not an expert on this (but I will let the experts know about this thread and get them involved if need be).

By a calculator that I have...If the output at the source is 48VDC, and the cable is 170' long (using four 16 AWG wires), then the voltage drop is about 4V, so at the radio, it'll be 44VDC. That means that it'll take ~3.2A to run the radio, and up to about 3.4 peak load (i.e. when transmitting). If you're sure that your supply is adequate, I would suggest opening a support ticket, so our support staff can help troubleshoot this issue.

I really do appreciate the help and your willingness to respond. I am confident our power source is adequate.  We are going to confirm a few more things before we open a ticket.

Thank you again Steven 

Did you ever resolve this issue? We are having the same problem with 3 different ones.

As noted above, this is nearly always related to the power delivery to the device. Once the radio begins transmitting, there is increase in power draw. If the draw exceeds the supply, this could cause a reboot or failure.

What power supply are you using? Are you sure there is enough power? Have you checked the cables and connections? How long is the cable between supply and radio?


Thanks. Looks like our vendor sold us the wrong power supplies. New supplies on the way. THANKS


Thanks for reporting back. It will help other community members! I appreciate it.