New 5.2 Canopy setup

Hello just got our new 5.2 canopy seupt today and am trying to link two buildings networks together with it… i am hoping to replace the old frame relay link between these buildings, is their any documintation that i can read on how i exactily do this… this is my first time setting up something like this so any help would be greatly appreciated…

Go to…
Canopy Library
User Guides
Canopy System User Guide for v6.1 (PDF)

And, if you’re willing to share…

Are you using an Access Point (AP) and Subscriber Module (SM), or a pair of Back Hauls (BH)? With or without reflectors? What’s the distance between the buildings? Do you have visual line-of-site (LOS), which includes buildings, trees, earth curvature, etc? Do you have radio-frequency LOS, which includes the Fresnel zone, a stretched football (American) shape between antennas?

Once you get the Canopy units working, the networking is simple. The Canopy units are self-learning Ethernet bridges; they create an arbitrarily large, extended-area switch; and, yes, there’s a Bridge Table with a list of MAC addresses. The SM does, however, have NAT capability, which – if enabled – makes the SM a router.

All Canopy units have a factory-default IP address of, which you’ll likely want to change during testing.

Ok im using a pair of Back Hauls (BH) With reflectors. and the distance is about 1.19 miles…they r all setup ant talking to each other … but how do i put these things into mt network ,… do i use the lan 1 or la2 setting for our internal network… Never messed with anything like this so il kinda totally lost …

Ant help or the direction to phone tech support would be greatly appreciated


Set the LAN1 address and mask. You only need to set the gateway if you’ll access the unit from outside the LAN, or you want the master to get its time from an NTP server outside the LAN.

The LAN2 address (only found on the master) you can leave as it is ( To see what this address does, telnet to the master and then telnet from from master to the slave at the address The “2” at the end is the slave’s session number.

Canopy Tech Support can be reached at 1-888-605-2552.

The reflectors likely aren’t needed at only 1.19 miles. You may be able to set the Power Control to Low in the Configuration page of both master and slave. I presume, however, that you’re using the “Extended Range BH 20” version of the 5.2GHz back hauls; the Configuration page for this model may be different than what I’m familiar with.