New Accessory Introduction - Radome for V3000 44.5 dBi antenna

Radome for V3000 44.5 dBi antenna - C600500D004A

Cambium Networks introduces a new Radome for V3000 44.5 dBi antenna.

Product Summary:
Designed to protect the antenna from nature’s elements, particularly preventing ice and snow buildup on the antenna. This radome is highly recommended for cold climates and highpoint elevations.
Designed for a simple two-step installation, align the radome to the antenna and secure the radome using the supplied clips.

Installation Steps:

  1. Align the Radome to the Antenna.

  2. Secure the radome to the antenna using the supplied clips.

Radome Datasheet:Cambium Networks datasheet V3000 Radome.pdf (294.1 KB)

Does the radome have any RF loss?

There is a ~2 dB loss due to the Radome. This will be included in the LINK Planner model and selectable in the V3K configuration to ensure the RSSI and Tx powers are reported correctly.

Thanks for the information!

In the wild:


I’ve talked to various distributors, but none of them seem to have this in stock nor do they know when they’ll be able to get their hands on it. Are these available now? Are they all backordered?