New Cambium user...A newbie question!

Hi everyone,

I hope I'm asking this in the right place...if not, please let me know!

I'm new to Cambium - we're currently in the process of planning our transition from our current Ubiquiti network.

We're planning on using the following gear;

- ePMP 3000L

- ePMP Force 300-25

e-PMP Force 300-16


My question is, can I power these units from my existing Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch's, or do I have to use the POE injectors?  I can't find a definite answer and I don't want to just plug them in and see what happens - I like the magic smoke on the inside.

Thanks in advance!  Dave.

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I have forwarded this to the support team

Which edgeswitch models do you have installed?  The 3000L and both force units will run happily on passive 24v and the PTP550 is AT compliant.  If you are running something like the EP-S16 you are good to go for all of them.


Thanks Jacob!  We're running a mix of ES48-500W and ES24-500W

3000L is 802.3AT compliant (tested working on ours), so any standards compliant 48v active POE switch will work.

The 300-25 and other SM's use a passive POE that is reverse polarity of the Ubiquity power devices.

the cambium POE bricks (both the 10/100 and gigabit) place 30vDC positive on pins 7+8 and the negative on pins 4+5.

There was a push for polarity angostic design, but I do not know if that ever happened. May be a Mod can chime in?

There were a few early 300-25 units that required the Cambium proprietary reverse polarity POE.  All the newer ones (and every other f300 model i've used) takes the "standard" polarity or reverse.  They are agnostic.


Thats good to know! I never followed up on it as until recently there hasnt been much Ubiquity gear in our area, now its everywhere!

Now I dont have to have the client unplug the power to swap Ubiquity (not client owned) to Cambium.