Need a new replacement for CMM3, lets call it CMM 3.5? just the same but with a SFP cage for gigabit...

I second this suggestion but would like 10/100/1000 ports for the AP's instead of the 10/100.

I'd like to see a version with expandable ports.  8 - 16 - 24   I dislike having to add ANOTHER CMM when my ports are used up and I want to add another AP. 

Fiber interface a must also.

Or make a 24 port version and sell "license keys" to unlock the extra ports. 

Our towers are filling up.  It's sometimes hard to justify adding another AP when I also have to add another $1,000 CMM to make it sync with the network.  I understand there are 'other' solutions to receive sync but I love the all in one manageable CMM solution.

I wonder how many more AP's we would have on the network if it was 'no big deal' to add another onto a tower.

An updated version of the CMM3 would be fantastic! The CMM4 has its place but for the average installation it’s too large and expensive. The switch isn’t that great and with PMP320 going out we really have no use for the +56VDC side. A 12 port gigabit Canopy PoE switch with two separate SFP uplink ports would be a fantastic product. This would easily support 2x 6-sector clusters for demanding customers, or up to 3x4, or combined deployments. Even an 8-port model that has separate uplink ports would be handy. Switch features I’d be interested in wouldn’t be particularly fancy and should be straightforward to implement, optional port isolation, VLAN ID for the CMM itself, IGMPv4 and IGMPv6 snooping would be good enough. QoS features like marking and priority queuing on the uplink ports would be sweet. I would see us replacing a fair number of our CMM3s with this when we roll out PMP-450.

We need everything to be GIG port enabled.  Also APs should have this feature.  This will help to remove and congestion issues on the LAN PORTs

The CMM 5 is under development, look for more information on this product late in Q2.

CMM5 is available now from distributors.