New cnPilot firmware: version 3.2 released!

New features include:

  • Auto-RF: APs can be configured to use background scanning of all channels to dynamically monitor the environment, neighboring APs, and pick optimal operating channels and transmit power levels.
  • VLAN Pooling: APs can load balance clients onto one of multiple VLANs mapped to a single SSID.
  • Speedtest: Support for the open-source ZAP tool to run a speedtest from clients to the AP or from the AP to the wired network: test either the air, or the backhaul connection anytime.

Plus bugfixes and several enhancements.

Firmware, release notes and user-guide at:

NOTE: 3.2 is being replaced by 3.2.1 which will be on the support site shortly. Firmware version 3.2 has an issue with mesh client configuration and should not be used on mesh networks.