New design - less functionality

Along with version 3.0.4 of cnMaestro in the cloud a new look of maps has arrived. Unfortunately, it lost its functionality. The previous one, after clicking on the location, you could see what devices are hidden under it. Currently only the quantity is displayed. I hope there will be fewer such surprises in the next iterations of this system.

Hi Pshemo – thanks for the feedback. We will add this back in the next release. The overall goal of the Maps update is to set a baseline for upcoming Fixed Wireless, 60 GHz, and Wi-Fi features – essentially moving the detailed configuration, settings, and display to the right panel, and keeping the Maps area clear for better visualizations. In the process we lost the contextual popup in the Dashboard map view, which we need to fix.

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Thx for more info. Waiting for next release :+1: