New E2E missing some magic?

Just set up an external E2E controller and something seems to be off, I can get a POP connected and wireless comes up to CN but device never comes ‘online’.
Using cnMaestro in the cloud the E2E is connected and the POP is online. Trying to run in simpleton IPv4 mode, the POP gets a v6 address the CN never does.
The E2E was installed via ova into new server, I believe I got it upgraded to 1.2.2 software. Tried a couple different CNs and DNs results never seem to change :frowning:

Anybody got an insight as to why ?

You have no upstream route from the CN to the POP. In cnMaestro, on the E2E controller, go to tools, settings, and you’ll see that you have no IPv6 routes.

If you have on-prem cnMaestro (which up to version 3.2 is MaestroX) you can turn on auto routes. If you are using Maestro essentials, then the IPV6 address of the port on the POP facing the E2E is the gateway.


Ok, dropped in the default line and the device shows as online :slight_smile:
Now I’m wondering what the line below does on your setup ?

In my lab, I have 2 POP’s. When you do, you need to use deterministic IPv6 addressing, which takes the available hosts on the E2E IPv6 prefix and divides them among the POPs. When a new device joins one POP or the other, it uses that route for management to get to the E2E. I think you might notice that I have my lab set to /48 prefix, so theoretically, I can support 65535 devices off my E2E from an IPv6 addressing perspective. The default /56 allows 256 /64 devices to be addressed - SLAAC assigns a /64 to every device connected on that prefix. There are 256 /64 addresses in a /56 prefix. The E2E supports 500 devices in its current software, so as an experiment, I set the prefix to /48, and of course, it addresses the devices correctly.
I’ve had operators run over 256 devices on their networks, so I recommend using /48 prefix in the E2E just as good practice now. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to bring on a new device only to figure out you have no hosts left!