New Enterprise Wi-Fi Release 6.4.1-r15 available

The latest Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi release 6.4.1-r15 is now available in cnMaestro and will be uploaded to XMS-Cloud by 15th April, 2022.
Release note, hardware installation guide and other documents are uploaded on the support site on the following link:

The firmware for XV2-2, XV2-2T0, XV2-2T1 and XE3-4 can be downloaded from:

The firmware for XV3-8 can be downloaded from:

Apart from some critical bug fixes and groundwork for new multi-radio platform XE5-8 (which will be launched soon after this release), key items delivered in this release are:

  1. GA support for Sage platforms, i.e. e410/e510/e430/e600/e700.
  2. GA support for Band-Steering and Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion features.
  3. Launch of XV2-2T1 (Snow Leopard 120 deg)

You can find the recommended upgrade path for Sage platforms in Release notes.

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Sadly my DNS bug appears alive and well…

Flipping back on the Mikrotik radio again.

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@Springs , the DNS issue is targeted for 6.4.2, Jun/Jul timeframe. If you are open for a beta testing someone from the team will reach out to you

@Springs I will let you know as soon as we have a 6.4.2 beta build with the DNS fix that my team has tested.

In the spirit of Weird Al and too the tune of Queen…

“Each new unleashed system I die little,
I rarely accept defeat.
Take look at the new POs and Cry…
Cambium, what are doing to me?
I’ve spent all the nights believe in you…
I just cant keep you on the bid sheets!
Somebody, some body…
Can anybody find me…
The resolved IP…”

Several MDUs
A few restaurants
A gym
And a couple dozen large residential systems
That’s just the last 2 months.

I was f–king terrified when we had to trial by fire the beer garden next to Nationals Stadium in DC on opening night. I brought a whole back up system with me and had a plan to batch send at the end of the night and run in offline mode if I had too.

Thankfully… The payment gateway had no problem resolving. And I had no intention of letting anything other than those credit card readers on that night.

I am getting bombarded here guys. All the integrators I work for are calling every single day… “Can we flip yet???”

And I know for a fact Jack and Tony wanna start seeing some numbers for putting up with me.

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MESH master not working ;(
MESH Slave with 6.4.1 soft working with as master but 6.4.1 to 6.4.1 dosen’t work :frowning:
Some fix some bugs - typical :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
410A with typical mesh base on master and mesh client on slave.

Currently running a WAX630E in my living room…

Finally, after an hour and a half of fighting, we managed to fasten MESH on 2 e410 devices (1st edition). Unfortunately, as recently in Cambium, there was a surprise. In the MESH powered device, after about 10 minutes from the connection, a PPPoE tunnel disconnection error crashes! God - but there has never been any PPPoE tunnel, there is nothing in the configuration, nothing in the ap group. Does every soft have any surprises now ??

I will only add one important thing - almost 3 years ago I put together this mesh set. It took me 10-15 minutes. Up to version 6.x, updates took 5-10 minutes. Now ? 1 hour and 30 minutes?
If it goes on like this, MESH will be useless because you can get neurosis.

Please start doing a real test scenario and don’t follow the shortest path.

Sadly and ironically, the PPoE alerts can occur when PPoE is not even configured. The workaround is to configure PPoE disabled. The following must appear in the APs configuration and can be done with cnMaestro user-defined overrides.

pppoe server

There are major differences between the 4.x line and the 6.x line of code. Not sure if it is apparent but before the e-series AP upgrades to 6.x versions the AP will now be rebooted. So the upgrade process is reboot the e-series AP, upgrade to 6.x which involves a second reboot to boot up on the new version of code. This should not take 1 hour and 30 minutes but in a mesh environment there will be added complexity.

If the 4.x line satisfies all the requirements then maybe for the e-series APs running 4.x is an option. As long as development continues on 4.x and 6.x is not required then 4.x may be a sufficient and stable choice.

In this case, it makes sense to include this version in the upgrade channel on cnmaestro?
This is still a BETA release.
I go back to another hour wasted.

The downgrade to looks just as funny

  1. Reboot # 1 avoid memory leak
  2. Download and install 4.2.2
  3. Reboot #2
  4. Download and install
  5. Reboot #3

Did someone make it up on purpose or by coincidence?

we have seen device corruption issue while downgrading/upgrading APs from 6.4.1-r15 to 4.x/3.x and vice versa, so to avoid that we have added this intermediate upgrade/downgrade step

Coudl be the shorter ? is same as 4.2.2, one reboot canceled :slight_smile:

As per our Lab testing reports, we have seen some Upgrade and Downgrade issues with and 6.4 releases with GUI and CLI upgrade process. We are working on this issue.