New ePMP Sector Antenna


We still need some sites with Ubiquiti Prism radios for now but would like to upgrade the sector antennas to the new ePMP 90/120 antennas that are designed in house.

The spec sheet says they're RPSMA but I'm wondering if they use built-in cables that are short directly to an ePMP AP or if they are simply RPSMA ports on the back of the sector for us to add longer jumpers in order to mount the Prism radio properly since it won't fit on this sector using different mounting hardware.

Any pictures of the back of the sector with no radio and shroud on it so we know if we need to order anything special?


 They are RPSMA on the back of the sector and on the radio.  The sector comes with two cables that are about 4 inches long.

Hey Darin.

I kinda finds useless the crazy thing you’re up to, I mean new Cambium’s Sector 18 dbi 90/120 Antennas, performs amazing !! Why mix them up with Ubiquiti Gear ? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Get some rest pal, just buy a couple of ePMP 1000 and connect the new cambium sectors to them, activate WiFi Standard on it, and you will get an overwhelming performance. Thank me later.

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