New features requested

Hi guys

PMP450M is great hardware but it has a big problem the 90° antenna is too wide to find a free channel in crowled spectrum, so:

- Tx and RX split frequency like Ubiquiti Ltu Rocket, with different TX channel and RX channel

- different TX frequency with at least 2 frequency, splitting the 90° antenna in two different 45° antenna

Thank you in advance Giuseppe

Thanks for the feedback Guiseppe. It is good to hear what new innovations will really help you with your networks... we are working on some things that will accomplish (at least in part) the goals you are intending to do with these suggestions. We will post some further details for discussion when we get a bit closer to implementation.


Thank you I hope to have some news soon :-)

With the covid19 emerngency all people is closed at home, 450m are not usable in peak time with 100sm we have a packet loss around the 20%/30%, in the morning works great.

The legal spectrum here in italy is only from 5470 to 5725 so we need at least one of the features asap :-(

Thank you Giuseppe

Essentially, you're out of capacity, correct?

A solution could be to add another 450m in the same sector, but I suspect you'll tell me that there is no available spectrum to do that.

Yes we are without free spectrum available