New Firmware release version 4.2.1-r12 available

The latest Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi release 4.2.1-r12 is now available in cnMaestro. Firmware are also uploaded on the support site at following locations -

4.2.1 adds support for the new feature, Q-in-Q over VLAN Tagging. It also handles the Wi-Fi fragmentation attacks (FragAttacks Security Advisory) and fixes some critical bugs.

This release has the following bug fixes:

Tracking Product Description
FLCN-10038 e410b Open up DFS channels in FCC and ETSI
FLCN-10345 All Client connectivity issue found in the network when continuous ARP flooding happened from the wireless clients.
FLCN-10236 All Handling of Error Response Messages fixed on the AP Guest Access.
FLCN-10142 All dot1x username displayed support up to 31 characters.
FLCN-10035 All 802.11r roaming issue with orderman9 client.
FLCN-9972 All 11w capable client is not able to connect AP when 802.11w is set to optional in cnMaestro.
FLCN-9534 All Session-timeout update from CoA did not take effective for non guest access WLAN profiles.