New Firmware release version 4.2-r15 available

The latest Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi release 4.2-r15 is now available in cnMaestro. Release 4.2 adds support for hardware revision B of the popular e410 platform and provides additional bug fixes. Firmware are also uploaded on the support site at following locations -

This release has the following bug fixes:

  1. For e500, with WPA2-Enterprise authentication, accounting packets were carrying incorrect username.
  2. Configuration push failed from cnMaestro due to “Device timed out while waiting for update”.
  3. For e410, e430, and e500, fixed additional device and radio stability issues like device offline, radio off, factory default and client disconnection.
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After the upgrade the E430H Eth2 port remained up state whether connected or not


Another incorrect thing on the menu?
Should there be a double “poe-out” menu in the new software?
At the command line “?” shows this option pops up twice

and next issue.
Downgrade 4.2->4.1.1
No mac adress on ethernets

This command is introduced for MAB feature in 4.1.1 whenever MAB is enabled and clients are connected to eth ports then you will see the stats displayed in command output.
You can use following command to check the MAC address entries of the interfaces “show interface brief”

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we will address this issue in the upcoming release.

We will address this issue in the future release.

I will know for the future :slight_smile: Thx