New Firmware release version 6.3-r10 available

The latest Cambium Enterprise Wi-Fi hotfix release 6.3-r10 is now available in cnMaestro and XMS-Cloud.
Firmware is also uploaded on the support site for XV3-8 and XV2-2 on the following links:

Full release note is here->

This release has the following new futures:

  1. Support multiple WLAN Schedule Access per day
  2. Wi-Fi Location API support
  3. BT Location API
  4. GRE
  5. Tunnelling GRE Standard (IP)
  6. GRE in UDP Encapsulation
  7. Bonjour Gateway
  8. Speedtest on Access Point
  9. Receive Sensitivity Configuration
  10. XIRCON Support for Linux
  11. Packet Capture Enhancements
  12. Real Time Location System (RTLS)
  13. Stanley AeroScout Location Engine
  14. Rogue-AP detection
  15. Captive Portal - cnMaestro support
  16. DNS-ACL
  17. LACP (802.3ad)
  18. Promote NMS from on-box UI landing page

New BETA features:

  1. PPPoE
  2. 802.11K/V
  3. Smart Steering

New enhancements:
1.Increased maximum limit of ePSK to 1024

New login screen :slight_smile:



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