"New" force 110 CPEs rebooting under load

Specifically those with the new "tape fix" over the LEDs.  I had force PTP units in the same places without any reboots and wanted to reclaim them for other purposes.  Since replacing with the taped units they randomly reboot and often reboot when running speed tests. I'm seeing this on the few that I've swapped out so far.   All of the previous units ran super-happy at 24v (typical polarity).

Important details:

All that have been swapped were previously force ptp units running on passive 24v POE, non-reversed.

Cable runs are 3' to 200'

All (swapped CPEs) are using a Tycon POE-XOVER-S but I will happily make up some v+/- crossover cables to rule this out. I haven't had any issues previously when using the POE crossovers, even with access points pushing nearly 100Mbps at times.


Are the new ghetto-taped versions perhaps more sensitive to voltage drop than the PTP and GPS models?  Were they manufactured in a different factory than the first versions without tape? 

Was the run of "taped" versions only made to quell the complaints about the stock shortages between the old and new force variants?

I'm happy to get cambium folks access as needed to the problem cpe's.

i got the same problem on one of my relay tower. For me i use a 750 up with reverse pair. The problem is the force 110 need a MINIMUM of 23 volts and with cold the voltage drop from switching power supply under the 23 volts and the antenna start reboot. So i return to the default power supply that came with the antenna and that solve my problem. Next move i will try to get hand of a more powerful power supply to be sure the PS push over 24 volts in any condition.