New FW on device, but not online for download?

We got some new cnReach N500 (400MHz) recently and noticed that the Ethernet and Radio firmware were newer than you can download online. When will these files be posted online to download so we can ensure other radios are brought up to date to match?

We have:
Eth: cn-EBX.5.2.19c
Radio: 1.71.24962 (Model X4-X4B7 400MHz Licensed FCC)

Our IO Expanders have the same Eth firmware as the new Radios.


Hi Logan, we expect to be ready to upload version 5.2.19d by the end of next week. There were some driver changes in the hardware that required a release of 5.2.19c for the factory only. I’ll post here again as soon as the official release of 5.2.19d is available. - Bruce

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Should our devices with 5.2.19c need to be upgraded to 5.2.19d before we deploy?

I see version 5.2.19d is out for download, but there are no release notes. Any way to find out what’s new in it?