New Line of BH's, Anyone else pumped?!?!

We are pretty upbeat about the new BH’s Canopy just released… besides the pricetag. :slight_smile: Now my question, will the capabilities below ever be added to the AP/SMs? The Dynamic Freq. Selection would be nice to allow the AP/SM to find the best channel. Also, the mult-beam space coding looks pretty sweet also.

* Dynamic frequency selection that automatically changes channels to
avoid interference and combat link fading without user intervention.
* Adaptive modulation to ensure maximum throughput optimized for the
radio path even as path characteristics change.
* Built-in security protection via a complex proprietary signal with
scrambling applied.
* Multi-beam space time coding, which transmits two redundant signals
spaced in time to bring multi-path signals into phase and resulting in less
fade margins than conventional radios
* Long-range line of sight capabilities that reduce the number of hops
required to establish a robust link.


Yes, I’m hopeful that:

- Canopy SMs come down to earth in pricing (oh please, please)
- existing Canopy gear goes up in performance

At this point, if we’re anything like other WISPs out there, we need to stop spending so much money and take a breather… good news would be welcome for once.

But yes, I’m quite excited by the possibilities. In fact, I may replace a $2800/mo connection with two 300Mbps backhauls. :slight_smile:

I dont think the technology will transfer over. The so called NEW bh’s are made by orthagon Moto does not make them. If they did add these features to ap’s and sm’s the whole unit would have to be redesigned, have duel transmitters and recievers and would probably cost around 5000 a unit. I say “so called new” because the 60 mb unit was the 45mbh we have had several units up for about 6 months now I havnt had time to upgrade units to 60mb yet and havnt really needed the extra bw wet but i will. The longest hop we have so far is 75miles using a 4ft dish with duel polerization. rx level at both ends is about a -60. I went to an orthagon training about 6 month ago and they had some pretty good case studies you can probably find on their website. but one i liked was one unit placed on a lighthouse and the other on a buey in the ocean. The buey would move up and down in 6ft seas and never loose the link.

whoaaaaa!! people from US of A is lucky enough, here in Philippines, Canopy SMs is retailed at 600+$ each… around 595$-615$ each depending on the quantity…