New on canopy

Hi, i'm new to both this forum and canopy technology.  Here's the deal:

Someone has given me  an AP 5700 and SM.. I know that the AP are the network providers, and the SM must be placed on those locations where i want to get. If i use one single AP facing those two locations i want to reach (I've read that every AP covers a 60 degree area), would it work without using a CMM? (i've also read that CMM are used when you have up to 6 APs) . The  distance from the AP and those two locations are 2,1Km and 4,1Km. 

Where could i download the radiation pattern for the AP? i've  checked on internet but i haven't found anything.

Thanks, i hope you could help me.

Hi there!
For what I know the cmm is a must if you want your APs to be syncronized (GPS) (which is a good idea). For the coverage I wont be of any help.

If you set the AP to generate sync, it will work just fine.

Given how much space there is available in the 5 GHz range, you may be able to find a channel that won't see much interference or cause problems for anyone else.


I guess that whoever gave to you this AP provided a PoE unit with it; CMM is not required in your case 

the fact that it's a 60-degree sector, as long as your 2 location are within the beam you should be fine

pretty simple to setup 

good luck