New PMP 450m Access Point Dependency on Release

Notice to all PMP 450 platform customers: Due to a small hardware change made to the 3 GHz PMP 450m Access Point in production, all units being manufactured after September 16, 2020 will be shipped with software release Due to the dependency of the AP on this software release, these new 3 GHz 450m radios will not be able to be downgraded to an earlier software release.

The PMP 450 software release is fully backward compatible with SMs running software release 15.2 or later.

As always, Cambium recommends to have both the AP and SMs in the same sector on the same release, or as close as possible. To that end, a 16.2.3 software release for all 450 hardware is planned for release in October 2020 which includes this support.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cambium Technical Support for questions regarding this.