New PMP Solutions Webinar

The recording of todays Webinar is now available. Please post your comments to this thread.

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When will 15.2 version be available?

The target release for 15.2 is August.

How will the mobile app connect to the radio for initial config?  Rely on cnMaestro and installation color codes?

Any word on new stuff (new cpe?  medusa?) for 3ghz?

For the initial release of the installer app, we will test and recommend a 3rd party Wi-Fi battery pack. or similar. This dongle will power up the SM as well as allow the smartphone to talk to the SM directly via Wi-Fi. 

A follow on update will make the app also work the way you describe, where the app is only talking to cnMaestro. In this case, you will use ICC to get the initial connectivity for the SM or will have to pre-configure the SM to connect. You will also need to be in an area with 4G connectivity for the smartphone. Finally, if you are using on-premise version of cnMaestro, you will have to ensure connectivity between the smartphone and your cnMaestro instance using NAT or VPN.

Only to confirm, will the app work with PMP 450?

The app will work with PMP450 SM and PMP450i SM. 

Support for ePMP SMs will be available in Q4, 2017.


Few questions

When will cambium care premier etc be available for pricing?

Will the 450b also be available in 3.5ghz?

Is their an upcoming timeline release for platform features for 450/450i beyond the 15.1 release, i mean theres been lots of talk about things that may be possibly coming in the future but i've yet to see an updated timeline on the actual plans to accomplish them.

Will the app for the phone support standardized configuration for the security on the cpe, like say setting the mschap or username / password etc. Like if we use say macaddress for username but a different password for authentication?

We don't have plans yet for the 450b in 3 GHz.

As is typical, we have many more things we want to do that what we can actually accomplish, and as such, future roadmaps are subject to change.  Regarding some specifics that were discussed on this webinar, we are targeting the app and the Mid-gain (16 dBi) version of the 450b for August release.

Cambium Care was released on April 20th, and your reseller should have all the details.

The app will support setting changes needed to connect to the AP, so it would allow setting the PSK or change the username/password for RADIUS authentication.