New Release PTP 650-01-40 Software

With PTP 650-01-40 software, network operators have more flexibility in running their networks.  Key features include:

  • Determine which channels are available for expanding your network.  Wide-band always-on spectrum analyzer provides real-time analysis of all channels between 4.9 to 6.05GHz.  Results are displayed graphically in the GUI or available for off-line analytics.   
  • Tailor the uplink/downlink capacity of PTP links to the payload/application. New TDD ratios enable adjustment from 50% to 83% Tx/Rx cycles.
  • Add an additional camera or AP to a PTP link without adding a switch. Activate multiple physical ports on the PTP 650 and send data in parallel virtual path without overhead of adding a switch.
  • Many additional enhancements to performance and management.

As promised on the webinar yesterday, here is the notice that the PTP 650 01-40 release is now available for download at the Cambium Networks support web site:

If there were any questions on this release that we didn't answer on the webinar please post them here on the forum.



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