New set up on epmp3000

I’m starting a WISP. I set up a bench test site in my garage and put up a ePmP 3000 with a sector antenna as an AP.

I then set up a ePmp force 180 as a SM. And Updated all the firmwares.

The contractor placed the ePmp 3000 on the tower, put in a cabinet at the bottom, but we don’t have any power yet.

So, in testing… I set up a Netronix DC switch, put in a few batteries for temp power, and put in a PoE-powered Mirotik, and set it up to give out DHCP address. I powered the 3000 up, and I was able to log into it, and it looked like it was good.

Drove to my house (1mile away), and put the force 180 on the roof. power it up and logged in to, and It doesn’t appear to be connecting to the AP. Check the SSID, and Password, and still doesn’t log in.

Tried setting up a Force 300, and logged in, put in the SSID/pass, and still no connect here either?

Went back to the tower location, and everything looks good there…

So… no idea why it’s NOT connecting, when I had this up and running in my lab.

It’s set at 20 Mhz/5180 Mhz, and I checked both ways…

I’m at a loss now… don’t know where to go from here. Even though I don’t have a gateway, it should still connect and give me an address from the DHCP. Just doesn’t connect at all… Pretty ideal conditions being only 1 mile away and line of site, and very low spectrum where I’m at.

Any ideas?

On the AP’s Monitor → Wireless page, what is your transmit power and does it say that the wireless status is up?

On the client (SM) Monitor → Wireless page, do you see the SSID and other details of your new AP?

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To your sm force180 put manual power of -25 and then you go to the wireless tab and try to find the ssid of your ap once you see it, add it and enter the password of the ssid that will ask you, it is important that both teams are already in. either in Tdd or Maestro and it is nail so that they can be seen

Hi sniper,

Sorry for the long delay… life…

I tried to change the -25, but it gives me a warning about regulatory ect…

Nothing coming up on the wireless scan.


AP says its up.

SM side… see no SSID.

The SM is a force 300-16. I had this all working in the lap. took it out to the field, and now I cant get it connected. weird.

Hello @Richard_Ragon.

did you you enable System Log? It is Monitor tab. Also in Configuration > System > System Logging you can put all marks for SysLog Mask and see if there are some errors and attempts to connect.

On the SM side, or the AP side? The AP does have system logs, and it doesn’t say much. doesn’t look like any attempts to connect.

I’ve been working on trying to get these connected for days now… NO GO.

Anyone else have any solutions?

Some new thoughts…

  • I have the epmp3000 AP powered using a Netonix switch. Which PoE setting should I have. 48v? High power??

  • I’m reluctant to start trying firmware upgrades since I’ve already had this going in my lab.

  • Aligning the SM antenna? There’s no level on the SM, and I pointed it right at the AP, 1 mile away.

  • I’ve tried rebooting it using and, but setting it Dynamic or Static IPs shouldn’t have radio connection issues, right??

  • Being on a cell tower should cause it to fail, right?

very frustrated.


Can you post some screen shots of the AP and SM’s status page?

Sure. I just noticed that the power was down on the AP… looking at logs says something about DFS??? Looking at another forum, something to do with the GPS?? So, I tried to set it to no GPS sync, and that worked for up and connected… So you’ll see one tab is the pmp3000 and the other 1000.

Here are some screen shots…

First: congratulations on becoming a wisp
Second: welcome to our headaches, they dont go away but they do get smaller!


On the AP, set the tx power to as high as you can go for your area. Also depending on your regulatory area, move to a channel that is not DFS and for now set your sync source to internal ( this takes gps issues out of the equation). This will allow you to have the best chance of figuring out what has gone wrong.

Your f300-16 should connect at 1mi but switch to a f300-25 to make sure you have enough gain to get back to the AP.

Turn logging on on both the AP and the SM and set the logging to all levels. This will tell you if it actually is trying to not.

If you have a clear line of site and the SM is 30ft above ground and the contractor set your AP downtilt as specified, you sould need either a f300-16 or a f300-19. But if the downtilt is set at 0 or higher then you may need the f300-25 just to be able to make the link.

Use the monitor/wireless tab to show all compatible SSIDs, but to speed up page refreshes, go to configuration, system and set the page time from 5 to 2. This will revert back to 5 on a reboot.

Last thing, if you have multiple channel sizes selected on the SM, then is scans them one at a time, this can take a very long time to get to the expected channel size and frequency. A good rule is only select the channels you use and the frequencies you are using. This speeds up the wireless scan significantly, or you can be waiting 15 to 20 mins for the wireless page to populate. Leaving nothing selected on a channel width is the same as selecting all frequencies to scan.