New to Cambium

Hello I am new to Cambium and am trying to learn all that I can. Is the learning courses a good way of doing this?

Hi, and welcome. Depending on what specifically you want to learn, there is also Cambium's YouTube channel with lots of good info too. Of course Cambium has a fairly vast product lineup, so if you are just using a portion of it (ePMP for example) then there's no need to learn about everything in the lineup (450M for example) on the first day, since the products are fairly different.  So you can bite off just as much as you want to chew for now. :)

Welcome, sbnuvera. In addition to our YouTube channel there is an official learning portal with courses on all our product lines along with relevant topics like basic wireless classes, sales training for our partners, courses on how Cambium can be implemented for specific vertical markets, etc. You can find this here