New to PMP 450 i

Well, I received some of my new 450i gear today. I got one ap AND 10 SM'S  Still need the sector antenna and sm antennas but I want to start configuring these things up. I am coming from a UBNT background and some of the settings in the web interfaces I am not exactly sure what they are and or how and when to use them,  Is there a manual somewhere that explains each setting ? I am used to setting up a SID and then the sm finding it. I dont see these SID options. Looking for some direction, Not looking for a handout. I will read for days if I have too. Just looking for some guidance/direction. Its a different animal than what I am used to setting up. 

Thanks Scott


with cambium, you just need to put a "color code"(its like the ssid), and the frecuency you want; on both tha AP and SM.  for advanced settings I recomend you read the user guide:

these are great radios!


So the color code of 0 will not allow the sm to link? even if both the sm and ap have 0 for the color code.

There's a feature call "Installation Color Code" in Configuration /Radio that allow to an SM link with any AP with mimimal configuration. In our labs, the only setup that has to be made is the regional code and once you have align the SM, can access via AP LUID and make the full setup of the SM

This leads into my next question. Does each SM radio need its own management ip or can you leave the management ips as they are? My current UBNT gear I use a 10.100.x.x network for the radio management. I am not sure this is needed with the 450I and being able to access the sm's management from the ap side. 

I would suggest using the same IP scheme you already use. 10.100.X.X or something other than the default IP. Otherwise you would only be able to access the SMs via the AP (assuming it has an IP you can access like your 10.100.X.X).

Just to throw this out there - We have about 40 towers and up to 5 different tech on each.  We've gone with 10.a.b.x addressing where 'a' is distinct to the tower, 'b' is distinct to the tech.  So all PMP320 gear lives at 10.a.11.x IPs, ePMP2.4 at 10.a.15.x, etc, and all gear off RockTank is 10.14.b.x.  Helps mentally having the distinct divisions, and helps a lot with routing to be able to send single /16s to tower-level routers instead of routing 10-12 separate /24s.

Access to the SM management via AP is handy, but is only web browser, not SNMP, FTP, SSH, ping, etc.


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Hi, We do support managing SM via AP through SNMP protocol. You have to use SNMP proxy way to achieve that. Please follow user guide and give it a try.