450i SM Management IP Address

Does each SM radio need its own management ip or can you leave the management ips as they are? My current UBNT gear I use a 10.100.x.x network for the radio management. I am not sure this is needed with the 450I and being able to access the sm's management from the ap side. 

Page 7-28 of the User Guide (available for download here) discusses configuring the IP for the devices.

On an SM, you can configure a public IP and a private IP address.  In the PMP 450 platform, we have a "LAN2" inteface for the SMs that is how the AP communicates to the SM (i.e. the SM Proxy feature or LUID).  This allows that access through the AP to the SM.

I haven't played with any 450i gear, but if you don't assign each unit a management address how do you expect to access the radios? 

Once an SM registers, you can access that SM through the AP it's connected to.

Even before configuring an IP in the SM, this can be done using the Installation Color Code (ICC) feature, if that's enabled on your AP.

See the thread discussing this here.

Also, you can check out the "Zero Touch" configuration webinar that we recently conducted explaining how this feature can help install radios without intervention on the installer's behalf (i.e. the back end systems can handle provisioning and configuration).  Explanation of this feature is here, and the brief webinar can be found here.


I have vlan already configured on the cambium 450i…i can’t get access to it using…