New UniFi XG AP with 4.2 Gbps & 1500 users

The World's Highest Capacity WiFi AP


802.11AC Wave2 Quad-Radio WiFi AP with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1,500 Client Capacity Support!

details can be found here:


Any feedback about this AP? Have anyone tested it's real performance?
Should we consider this kind of cambium AP to meet future demand? 

Why would you be posting this to the Cambium forum? Why not create an account at the Ubiquiti forum and ask them what the performance is like?


So Ubiquity has finally put out a four radio .ac wave 2 ap? Welcome to the party. Xirrus was the first company in the world to have this multi-radio architecture. They've been doing it for over 10 years and in the past even sold 8 and 16 radio access points. Xirrus is the king of high-density deployments.

Check out this AP:

The XD4-240 has had four .ac wave 2 4x4 radios since it's rollout - over a year and a half ago. PLUS on the XD4-240 all four WiFi serving radios are software definable and can be set to either 2.4 or 5GHz bands. This gives you the ability to be as flexible as needed when planning for capacity.

And as for 1500 client support, take a minute and just do the math. If you did have 10g edge switches, and I haven't seen many folks that do, a 10g uplink/1500 clients means that each client would only get 6.67Mbs. Now remember that 802.11acw2 isn't full duplex and that you'll never get close to the theoretical maximum throughput then you're probably closer to 3Mbs. If you're like most folks and still have 1 gig edge switches, divide that number by 10. No - 1500 clients is probably not a reality. As a matter of fact, the data sheet for this UBNT ap says "1500 associations" NOT clients that are concurrently connected and moving data. I don't know about you but I don't care about max associations since that number doesn't take into account the end user experience. Yes we can associate all these users, but guess what? That 1 gig uplink won't allow for each user to have more than 300Kbs.

Finally stay tuned to You're likely to see some "magical" 802.11ax aps that take what Xirrus brought us, the tradition of high density and software selectable radios, and add all that Cambium goodness you've come to rely on VERY soon ;) .

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