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We're a WISP of just over 1,000 subs, and we've used Ubiquiti since the litestations, and have gotten spoiled with customer and AP traffic graphs.  I noticed there used to be a feature in these radios, but was removed due to a memory leak.  I'm waiting on my first shipment of Cambium gear, and wanted to know if this feature exists in a current release, or what kind of ETA we can expect to have this feature re-implemented.  I'm looking forward to trying these radios!

If you use the management platfrom, cnMaestro, that has traffic graphs. Right now they're just daily and weekly graphs to my knowledge


I appreciate the response Cory.  I'm actually looking for a live WLAN/LAN graph like Ubiquiti's.  Even a 5 second interval update statistic (numerically) on the LAN interface would suffice for me showing kbps or Mbps.

This is perfect for me! I was toying around with other solutions but this is exactly what I needed. Can't wait to impliment it.

If you are a chrome user check this plugin out:

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@Jacob Turner wrote:

If you are a chrome user check this plugin out:

Jacob, great link buddy!  That should work for me!