New WISP Promotion Webinar

Join us for this webinar to describe a special promotion for WISPs who are new to Cambium Networks.

*Time Change* Tuesday, 24 March, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central


Bruce Collins, Director, Product Management and Sakid Ahmed, General Manager, ePMP, Cambium Networks

Tasos Alexiou, Product Evangelist, RFelements s.r.o.

Dave Thomas, Director of Client Relations,

Registration link:

Post any questions that you have to this thread, and we will be sure to answer them in the webinar or online.

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is it still up this webinar? 

I understand that there are technical problems with GoToWebinar. I imagine many users are on the system now. We will record the webinar and post it here.

Please post any questions you may have to this thread.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the ePMP New WISP Promotion webinar! Here is the webinar recording for those who were unable to attend:

Here is a link to the registration page for new wireless service providers in the U.S. and Canada.


Thanks everybody for joining the webinar.  The recording is above.  I'm also attaching a pdf of the presentation that was shared during the webinar.  - Bruce

And for those that just want the punch line, here is the offering.  Remember this is for new ePMP customers only and for North America only (for now).  - Bruce


I was not able to take this seminar when it came out, howeever i just recently view it.  Is this offer still good, of did it expire? I'm a new interested party looking into this WISP sector?  Can someone advise, Thankis   

Hi, thanks for reaching out and yes this promotion is absolutely still active.

Just fill out the form here: 

and we'll be in contact to get you going with the channel partner of your choice.

This promotion kit is for service providers new to Cambium and includes a great sampling of our ePMP radios plus an RF Elements antenna and billing.  We'll also get you going with cnHeat and some consultation with a network engineer.

Welcome and best of luck as you get started in the WISP world.


I could not had expected any more encouraging comments from Cambium Wireless Netrok.  I'm looking forward in working with you and your Team.  FYI, I'm not totally new to this wireless field.  I had installed DAS systems from COMMSCOPE, the ION-E UAP (145-UAP's) and had used other radios such as Sikly-600 & 1200 on some of my video deployments.  However, after doing an extensive analysis of your product line and support, it makes no sense not to become part of the family.  It serves both our companies interest as well.  Therefore, besides the cnVision product line, I want to add to my portifolio of services the WISP sector as well.  Stay safe and well out there, Thanks   

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