New XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E access point

Learn the details about the new Wi-Fi 6E AP that is a cost effective solution for 2.4 and 5 GHz today and makes it easy to migrate to 6 GHz as devices appear in your network. Cambium Networks - XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Access Point

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several smartphones now are wifi 6 capable including Samsung, Motorola, and Google. Lenovo and Acer will be releasing wifi 6e capable laptops in the next month or two as well.

XE3-4 has a unique feature in that the 4x4 radio can be configured for either the 5GHz band or the 6GHz band thus allowing flexible frequency planning, future use of the 6GHz band if desired, or targeted high density 5GHz coverage.

I type this with my Pixel 6 Pro connected to the 6Ghz band of the WAX630E.
Well if it would properly identify the 60Watt POE I connected it to. It saw my Cambium injector as AF and shut off all it’s radios. (That was fun.)

Really wish it was the XE3-4. And that my DNS stuff would get addressed.

are you able to purchase one of our XE3-4 wifi 6e indoor access points?

Are they shipping in the US yet?

I am in “hard stop” until the DNS issue is fixed. (June July better get this thing fixed.)
But all my distros are out of stock of everything.
I have not seen any XE models show up as instock yet.

Shipping in the US?

yes it is shipping in FCC, IC, CE regions as well as a few others from what I understand.