Newest 450i 3ghz bug?

Last week I received a 450i SM and I connected it up to our existing 450 AP's.  It connected but one of the polarizations was WAY off, almost nonexistent.  I chalked it up to noise or misalignment.  The newest 450i 3Ghz gear comes with 14.3 firmware and I cannot get it to upgrade to newest 15.0.3 even with newest CNUT version -says 
bad image".  450SM and 450AP all flashed fine.  So, I chalked that up to it being a new product and assumed I will have to wait for 15.1 firmware?

Today, I hooked up my first 450i AP 3Ghz to a 450SM and I have the nonexistent polarization issue while in my lab.  This seems to limit the throughput since it is getting half the RF path.  Is my thinking correct with 15.1 introducing these new products?  

Yes, you are correct in that the next official firmware version for the new 450i 3.Xghz AP's is 15.1. I'm waiting for this update too, so you're not alone!

I think what you may be seeing is a GUI bug... as you're linked up at 8X MIMO-B and it's showing correct SnR for both A and B chains... it would not be possible to connect at that modulation if one of the ports/pols was non-existent.

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Well, I thought it may be a gui bug too but when I run the link test it shows half the expected throughput on the downlink.  I just tested 450i AP to 450i Sm with 14.3 firmware on both and it works as it should.  I suppose it could be false reporting by the onboard link test.  ?? dunno.  I guess I'll wait for 15.1. 

Thanks for your input.


if you try run iperf over the link does it show similar results to the linkeval?

-24dBm is TOO HOT. Turn down the Tx power on the AP! You very well could have damaged the Rx on the SM.

The screenshot is from the SM. The 8X MIMO-B at the bottom is the *uplink* mod rate. Notice that the downlink status show 39dB MIMO-A and no Path A fragments. So it is most definitely running MIMO-A downlink.

If this is short-range testing, then 1) the hot signal or 2) high multi-path such as indoors can cause it to run single stream. Probably both. Or as I said, possible receiver damage to the SM.

You really don't want to be any hotter than -40, and you're several times that.

Wow I've been dealing with Cambium support for days trying to figure out why I can upgrade past 14.3 on the 3.65 450i. They are clueless. Glad to see this post. Thanks!

LOL ya 3.5 support is in 15.1 not 15.0.x its a little annoying and confusing as the product released with 14.3 a non existent firmware on the site, and even seemed to confuse some of the techs when i talked to them, but they eventually figured it out that it's just that the 450i AP in 3.5 doesn't work with 15.0, the 450 in 3.5 does, 450i in 3.5 requires 15.1 which isn't out yet, i'm hoping we hear some news soon tho :( 

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