NIDU do not connect with PTP650 radio

I have a problem on site, the nidu is not capable to connect with ptp650 on top of tour. But if i connect a pc directly on the power injector ( at the same place the NIDU odu port is connect ), i talk with the radio on top. Can you explain the problem or the solution. This installation work properly at few day but after a reboot this problem is appear.



The NIDU has to connect to the ODU using 1000BASE-T. Can you confirm that the link between PC and ODU has negotiated at gigabit rate?

Also, if you have a wireless link established, can you managed the local ODU from the remote end? That will give you an opportunity to view the status of the local ODU when the NIDU is connected.


Hi, just for explain the setup, the NIDU is connect to power injector and the power injector output is connect to ODU. If i'm connect my PC to LAN port on the NIDU, i'm not possible to communicate with ODU and NIDU status is down (red led). If i connect my PC to POE injector lan port i see on the radio 100base-t to ODU. i understand i need to use 1000base-t but the speed is 100base-t and the parameter on the radio is automatiquily 100 or 1000base-t, is not possible to change this parameter on the radio to force on the 1000base-T.

The remote site is not link is possible to communicate easy, i need to go to this site.

sorry for my english

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No problem with the English. You're doing fine.

Could you connect using the PC and run the Cable Diagnostic test on the ODU?

It might be that your PC does not have a 1000BASE-T port. Can you find an Ethernet switch that you can place between the PC and the ODU?

Another possibility is to connect using the PC, turn on local syslog, connect the NIDU, and then revert to the PC to examine what has been collected in the syslog record.




thank you for the solution, we will check all.

Do you need the equipment connected to the NIDU LAN port in 1000baseT or it can be a pc or a swtich in 100baseT is OK? I know that normally in other installations it works in 100baseT. If I understand correctly in TDM mode, all the pairs of the network cable going to the ODU are used with the NIDU and when I connect my PC in the POE and I work in 100baseT I use only 2 pairs of wire in the network cable, therefore I might have a problem with the other 2 pairs of cable 1000baseT?


The connection between the NIDU and the ODU must be 1000BASE-T and needs all four pairs.

The connection from your network equipment to the NIDU LAN port can be 100BASE-T if you want.


Have you managed to resolve the problem with the NIDU?

The problem is resolve, probably the cable to antenna and POE have one pair i have problem. Is possibilitly to work at 100m but not at 1000m. Thanks for your support.

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That's great to hear. Thanks for getting back to us!