NIDU for PTP670

I have a project requiring to connect 2 x E1 to the PTP670. Understood that it was possible for the PTP650 by using the NIDU. However, I did not see any information about the NIDU in the PTP670 user guide.

Can Cambium advise if we are able to use the NIDU to work with the PTP670 for E1 connection?

Yes, but be careful.
Support on PTP670 was removed in current firmware. You must use software 02-50 or earlier for TDM. You can actually check this in LINKPlanner by setting a link to TDM and adding the E1’s, and a warning about the software will pop up. It will also then give you the BOM with the NIDU and the software license.

Note though, that it depends on the hardware you have.
If you have ‘B’ revision hardware (check the end of your PN) then use the 02-50 firmware, you can find it and the user guide in the archive section.

If you have ‘A’ revision hardware, then I believe you should use the PTP650 compatibility firmware, which effectively turns your 670 into a 650. I think the latest on that is 01-47.

Thanks for clarification.
Since the current release is PTP670-03-50. Does the system release supports on PTP670 with ‘B’ revision hardware number ?

We understand that this is potentially confusing.

The short answer is that to connect TDM links using the NIDU with a ‘B’ suffix ODU then you should be using firmware PTP670-01-50.

The slightly longer answer is that the NIDU is supported with PTP 670 with firmware up to and including 670-02-50. The ‘B’ suffix hardware includes a modified RF filter that we introduced in order to comply with new FCC rules for 5.8 GHz, and this is supported from 670-02-60 onwards. These two factors preclude use of the NIDU with the ‘B’ suffix ODU hardware in the native PTP 670 mode.

The 670-01-XX firmware is essentially PTP 650 firmware compiled for use on the PTP 670 hardware platform. The PTP 650 compatibility mode behaves in every way identically to the associated PTP 650 release. This stream has been maintained with essential bug fixes. The ‘B’ suffix hardware is supported from 670-01-46 onwards. PTP 670-01-50 is the latest in this sequence.

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