NO 1Gbps negotiation between ePMP FORCE 200

Hi! support team;

I have two antennas EPMP FORCE 200 with firmware 4.6.1 working in a link in production.

The problem is that I can´t make they negotiate with a RB750GR3 (mikrotik) to 1Gbps speed. I tried with other routers and my own computer and it is not possible. The cables I am using are CAT6 certified.

When I force them to communicate at 1Gbps only the link stays but the “internet data” is not transfered and I do not see that in “HOME” appers negotiation in 1Gbps, only stays in 100Mbps full-duplex.

I hope you could help me to solve this issue because the link throught the antennas is getting short for the throutput.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Xavier, welcome to the Cambium Community!

If you are looking for help from the Cambium Support Team, please raise a ticket:

Hi Simon;

Thanks for answering my question. I made it yesterdar and the team is talking to me to solve the detail, the ticket is 280334.

Have a good day.

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What are the results, 1Gbps or?

Radios appeared faulty and have been replaced by warranty

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