No Carrier

Can anyone provide any insight as to what could cause the “no carrier” error count to increment in the Ethernet statistics page? I have several new P10 SMs running 8.1.5 that experience a large number of these errors, leading to poor TCP throughput UDP drops. One was a replacement for a failed SM, and it was having no problems at all, which should rule out cabling and connected equipment.

The SMs in question are running 8.1.5 and the AP is running 8.2.4.

First thought is ethernet link - are the cables good, the ends good, the NICs good, and auto negotiation set on both ends?

Yes. Like I said, one was a drop-in replacement where the only thing changed was the SM, and it was not experiencing errors before.

I will say that locking the Ethernet link down to 10/Full reduces the number of errors significantly.

upgrade the sm to at least 8.2.2 (8.2.7 preferred)

8.1.5 had multiple problems and i would not recommend using it.