No cuts in frequency changes, new frequency range in Mikrotik elevates

It would be good if every time a frequency change is made, the AP warns all the CPEs that it is going to change to x frequency, so when the new frequency is applied, there will not be cuts for the CPE.
The frequency range available for the Mikrotik elevators could be opened up,currently ranging from 5160 to 5970, but could be extended from 5000 to 5970.

Look at this

I feel like this feature is a no-brainer, and I honestly can’t understand why it doesn’t exist. I’ve always wondered why this isn’t a thing already, and hated sitting at the Session Status screen of my PMP450 AP, waiting for the radios to complete their re-scan, and reconnection.

So yeah, this is a great suggestion that I wish was a thing as well.