No ethernet connection on E510


I have set up 5 e510s running a mesh between 5 buildings.

I am trying to use one of the e510s to feed a building off site from my WAN connection. Each time i connect to the radio via ethernet there is no connection and the mesh drops.

Silly question but can I get an ethernet connection out of these radio’s?. Ultimately I am using the mesh as a bridge from my WAN to this site and want to have a AP downstream.

Apologies for any silly questions

Hi Steve,

I guess you are connecting ethernet cable to mesh client AP (Correct me if my understanding is wrong).

Incase if you are connecting ethernet cable to mesh client AP then mesh link break this is expected behavior because device is getting gateway reachability through ethernet interface so it will drop mesh connection.

Gateway reachability through wired interface has more priority than WLAN interface.

You got it right. I am on a mesh client via a Ethernet.

Are you saying that AP is dropping from the mesh as it thinks I’m plugging it into a “gateway” ?.

I can understand that. I can rectify that though yes?

Steve , sorry for the late reply.

Yes, AP will drop mesh link when mesh client device plugging it into a gateway.