No Link Information, RF & Ethernet traffic

Hi everyone,

We got prizm up and running - it is accepting and managing elements. However, it does not show any Link Information, RF Traffic or Ethernet Traffic.

When you select an element i.e. an SM or AP and click on “Show Details”, you have no information under the Link Information, Rf Traffic and Ethernet traffic tabs, empty graphs are shown with Max Rx Bytes=NaN and Max Tx Bytes = Nan.

Any ideas why the graphs are not been populated?.[/img]

How long has Prizm been monitoring the devices? It need to data points before it can plot those fields. The default polling rate is 10 minutes, so, you should see the graphs rendered after 20 minutes.

We have the same problem and this is a prizm install that’s been running for well over a year now. It started fine and then one day for no aparent reason, it stoped collecting statistics. The SM show green and they are reacheable from the server, but the graphs are blank. Every now and then it decides to start again, it may work solid for a few days and then stop or it may just work sporadically, collecting data just a few times per day. Called tech support and they blamed my network not a minute after I described the problem. From there on, after 4 calls, they were still blaming my network no matter how much I proofed to them my network was fine. It wasn’t until the fifth call and being very angry that they bother to ask the basic questions (like the OS I was running and that sort of stuff). A decent tech support asks questions, does not make asumptions. They were absolutely no help. We even tried having someone else from our office call, to see if someone new would make a difference, but yet, they manage to piss off everysingle one of our techs, from the novice to the experienced. We are now married to this software because our business model is moving to be completely based off canopy lite with bandwidth upgrades, so we can be without it. We’ve given up on trying to fix it until it becomes absolutely necessary, at which time, we will try to get better support thru some other channel.